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For the past couple of weeks, we have been blessed to have volunteers from the AmeriCorps NCCC team that is working in Yankton. They have been helping with cleaning and processing pieces, rehousing, and the ever tedious job of filing collection paperwork. (pictured above) Some of the volunteers have also put their sewing skills to the test making padded hangers. They have been a tremendous help. The AmeriCorps volunteers will be helping around Yankton through June. It is nice to have youth from varied cultural backgrounds from across the United States to partner with our well trained team of staff and volunteers. If you would like to help, please contact the Dakota Territorial Museum at 610 Summit Street (in Westside Park), on Facebook/Dakota Territorial Museum, visit us online at or, or call us at 605-665-3898.

82 Mickelson Drive

Yankton, SD 57078

Phone: (605) 665-3898

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