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Heritage Park

We are currently in a fundraising campaign for the Heritage Park.

To be a part of the Heritage Park Legacy, contact Paula Tacke at

There are several funding levels available.

The buildings for Heritage Park will start the relocation process in fall 2019 to the Mead Cultural Education Center, and are projected to open to the public starting in 2020.

Along with the major move, there are some exciting plans for Heritage Park including a Wind Energy windmill and a botanical garden of native plants to this area. 

Territorial Council Building

Built in 1862, the Territorial Council Building  became the

first Yankton Museum in 1936.

1900 Gunderson

School House

Originally located northwest of state hospital, it was donated to the museum in 1976 as part of the U.S. Bicentennial Project.

1860s Hovden Family Cabin  

The cabin was donated to the museum in 2004.


1930s WPA Outhouse

Donated to the museum in the 

early 1980s by Lou Ella

Machin, daughter of Harry


1880s Mikolas Barn

Barn was acquired in 2014 from the Kokes family near Tabor, descendants of Jan and Anna Mikolas. (not pictured)

1870s Charles Cook

Blacksmith Shop

It was donated to the museum in 1981, and houses the original forge, and tools donated by the families of Ed Coulson and Raymond Sparks.

Great Northern

Railroad Depot  

Originally built in 1893 and located in what is now downtown Yankton. It was moved to the museum in 1978.


This Burlington Northern Caboose traveled many rails in its day. It was presented to the museum in 1983.

Milwaukee Railroad

Car House

This car house features a 1947 model hand car. The car house was donated by the City of Elk Point in May 1982. (not pictured)