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Childrens Transportation Museum

Before the invention of the cars and planes we see today, traveling long ago was difficult. It often took days, weeks, or sometimes months to get where you wanted to go. Every mode of transportation had its benefits and problems that travelers encountered on their journeys.


In this gallery, we explore how people traveled between Yankton and Sioux City, a journey of about 70 miles, during the 1800s and early 1900s. Here you will learn about different types of transportation during this time. 


Think about how you travel today. How many miles a day do you travel? How far away is your soccer practice from home? Could you walk to school every day? What do you take with you on a road trip?  


This experience will leave you asking… 

                                   Are we there yet?

WNAX gas station.jpg

Our Exhibit Design team has worked hard to make the Children's Transportation Museum a must-see experience at the Dakota Territorial Museum.  There is something for kids of all ages (yes even adults) to enjoy. 


Members of the team are: Crystal Nelson, Joan Neubaurer, Stan Hoffart, Bill Nelson, Jane Bobzin, and Carol Ryan.

Thank you them for everything they have done. Also THANK YOU  to Cheryl Halsey for painting the beautiful mural in the background, to Dave Fickbohm for getting us set up with sounds, the Yankton Model Train Association for their help with the steam engine, and everyone else that had a hand in the museum.

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