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Happy Volunteer Month!

The work of the Museum could not be done without our dedicated volunteers. This past weekend we honored our volunteers for their service in helping to document and clean artifacts, greet visitors, install exhibits, and create a wonderful museum expe

rience. Volunteers who received awards are in the photo above, from left to right: Megan Hansen, 1 year of service; Cassandra Rogat, 5 years and 500 hours; Museum Director Crystal Nelson, Linda Wollbrink, 1 year; Gloria Becker, 1 year; Cheryl Pearson, 1 year; and Lynette Goehring; 10 years of service. Not pictured, we wish to also extend our sincere thanks to the Community Service Program at the Yankton Federal Prison Camp for contributing over 700 hours towards museum preservation work. For more information or for tickets, visit our websites or stop in and see us. If you have questions about the project or events please contact us at the Dakota Territorial Museum at 610 Summit Street (in Westside Park), on Facebook, visit our website at or, or call us at 605-665-3898. We are open seven days a week from noon-4pm.

82 Mickelson Drive

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Phone: (605) 665-3898

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