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Museum Land Expansion

We often get asked what is happening to the schoolhouse, depot, cabin, and other buildings outside the Dakota Territorial Museum when we move to the Mead Cultural Education Center. The great news: those buildings are coming with us! We need your help to make it happen, though. It will be necessary to purchase some of the land surrounding the Mead building to place our historic buildings on. You can fund this with only $1 per square foot of land! Stop at the Museum today to “buy” a section of land and support the move and expansion of the Dakota Territorial Museum. You can also "buy" land by clicking here. If you have questions about the project or events please contact us at the Dakota Territorial Museum at 610 Summit Street (in Westside Park), on Facebook, visit our website at or, or call us at 605-665-3898. Starting May 1 our weekday hours will be 10am-5pm, Monday through Friday, and weekends will remain noon-4pm.

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