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Lobby Finish Work Continues

The scaffold that has taken up a good deal of the Mead lobby has been removed! We are very excited to be able to share the above photo with you. In it, Master Plasterer Roger Huntly is applying a finishing coat of plaster to the wall, which will be painted in the next week or so. The lobby is the first area of the Mead building to be completely restored. To see for yourself, you can sign up for a time to have your photo taken on this staircase on November 28, 2015. This is an appointment based event, so please contact us for more information and to sign up! If you have questions about the project or events please contact us at the Dakota Territorial Museum at 610 Summit Street (in Westside Park), on Facebook, visit our website at, or call us at 605-665-3898. The museum is open noon-4 pm seven days a week.

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