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Finds in the Basement

Recent rains forced work on the Mead Building to the inside. In a building as large as the Mead, there were many items left behind and tucked away in back rooms. The focus this week was in relocating Civil Defense supplies that were left behind in the basement. After a few days of work, there were five pallets of material, two of which are badly damaged due to the long term storage in poor conditions. Each pallet weighs about 1000 pounds! Common items include 72 pound boxes of “carbohydrate supplement” and 36 pound cases of “survival biscuits”. Most of these are unsalvageable even as historic examples, but we do hope to have a few in the future museum. If you have questions about the project or events please contact us at the Dakota Territorial Museum at 610 Summit Street (in Westside Park), on Facebook, visit our website at, or call us at 605-665-3898. The museum is open 10 am-5 pm Monday-Friday and noon-4 pm weekends.

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